Kubernetes Cluster on Raspberry Pi 4 – Part 1

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2 Responses

  1. Doesn’t the Raspberry Pi 4 FAQ say that it needs a ceiling of 3A per device? That 25W @ 5V = 5A, and 5A / 4 = 1.25A / Pi. That’s way under the recommended upper ceiling.

    • openlinuxlabs says:

      Yes, as per the official RPi recommendation, Pi4 needs 5v/3A input. The one I’ve mentioned here is not a power-supply, it’s a charging station. As per the product spec – “TP-LINK Smart Charging technology that identifies the connected devices and delivers the possible max output, together with 5V/2.4A ultra fast charging speed” – It worked fine for me even with USB Keyboard/Mouse/Wifi/LAN connected together on Pi4.

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